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Thursday, July 06, 2006


long time no see...
hope all are well.

anyway loads has been happening, the most worrying of all was that my 10 week old son got chickenpox :( but alhamd he's almost fully recovered now.

anyway motherhood is tiring and with it the weirdness of my life continues... most of all the dumb driving.

ok, i'd spent the longest day trailing the supermarkets trying to find baby vicks but returning home with a baby tambourine and formula milk for comfortable digestion.

anyway, we sisters decided to settle down with a dvd and pizza, and seeing as i was the only one with the car and we were too lazy to walk the 5 minutes to the pizza shop i had to drive... and i do dumb things when im tired.

Anyway as i was backing out the drive i stalled the car about 3 times which is unusual because i never stall, and then everytime i braked, the car made a weird groaning sound like it was dying or being tortured... this made me more worried..

it wasnt until i reached the traffic lights that i realised the handbrake was still on :o and so i totally freaked and when it came to parking outside the chippy i missed the spot turned the car round in a side street and went back to park but it was diagonal, so i thought id reverse and straigten... but did something totally weird and ended up backing right out, driving on oncoming traffic, luckily getting back into the left hand lane before the massive cop van saw me and parked in a quiet street and sent my little sis to get the pizza, walking.

no more picking up pizza for me, i guess.

ciao and help.

Being Washed Away@ 9:17 PM

:.:.Saffron Diaz:.:.
Sunday, February 12, 2006

salams :)

hope all are well.
Well then, what can i say? I've pretty much been doing nothing since i left work, although sleeping is filling alot of my time...

Anyway a while ago work merged with another massive government company and we had a new pay deal blah blah etc etc, and anyway it took em ages as these things do, and we've still not got our payrises... they were supposed to be backdated from August or something, but seeing as i don't work there anymore (but i did work for the months when i should have been on a higher rate) Im keeping my fingers crossed that i get my backdated pay...

Hopefully i should find out at the end of this month, my ex-manager was also the union chair so he did tell me if theres any probs to let him know... hopefully all will be well...

Erm why i needed to tell you guys that, i seriously dont know...

Anyway now then, I seriously need more driving lessons, yeah i know ive passed my test and got my license but the way i drove the other day, well... lets just say its a good job i was in the hospital car park, atleast people wouldnt have to go far for treatment (cough)..no seriously I might get my husband to give me lessons in reversing out of tight praking spaces, namely in praking bays because, ok i'll admit it I am abit scared about that and so i panic abit and do bonkerish stuff...

like that day, i was reversing out of a very tight and im serious like really really tight parking bay and i just kept going forward and back, forward and back etc..in the end a girl i knew who saw me struggling came and asked me if id like some help, to which i gratefully agreed and i felt like a right prat whilst she said, "go on, its ok, go a bit further STOP!... ok abit more STOP!!" until i finally got out of the space, by this time i was so stressed out that i raced outta the parking barrier (dont worry it was up) and nearly hit another car! :s

I really dont know what to do? I think im going abit dopey like, and maybe i should take a bit of a break from driving for a while, but then i dont want to totally lose the hang of it and be an even worse driver...ok thats a lie..the truth is im a good driver, very safe but i just dont understand things when it comes to reversing and parking in teeny spaces...

maybe its a woman thing! I dunno :(


Being Washed Away@ 12:00 AM

:.:.Saffron Diaz:.:.
Sunday, January 08, 2006


well, alots happened since I last blogged (i'd have to be pretty sad if it hadn't- its been ages).

ok wellll I went on holiday and have come back from Morocco!! had an absolutely brilliant time, went to nearly all the must see places, including marrakech, but I've got to admit it was not as good as we were told, people said things like...ooh Morocco you have to go to marrakech, Morocco is nothing without Marrakech...well in the words of Celia from Macclesfield... "Marrakech? Marrakech? I'll tell you what i think about marrakech... I think it's an absolute DUMP!! "

I got to say i do agree with her, but she was another story, very good company on a long journey.

But no, other than Marrakech the rest of Morocco is very beautiful especially the beautiful Anti atlas mountains near Tafraout, breathtaking scenery and amazing views... you get a real good feel of local life and wonder, 'would i be able to live like this?'

Anyway that was brilliant, that and the fact that we got a genuine hand made, silk rug for only 60 quid! Bargain!

Day after we got back we had our double glazing done and so we can really start the decorating now, I can't wait to put my touch to the house ;) but hopefully everything in good time.

Oh and i've left work - for good... don't know what i'l do with my time now, just hope i dont lounge around all day eating junk food and become a fat blob. :s but no, so that'l be the end to the stories of Lisa the irritating lady, who I actually will miss.

As you can see, i have made a new banner for the top, it was a late night thing so constructive criticism only please. :p

ciao and take care

Being Washed Away@ 9:44 AM

:.:.Saffron Diaz:.:.
Sunday, November 13, 2005


hope you're all well

last week i was back at work, and it felt ok actually, were doing some new work thats more varied so I don't get bored quite so easily...

We had to train the irritating woman on our work and she started crying - ( i mean real crying like sobbing and tears) saying 'i'll never learn it, i won't be able to do it' so i guess you can say she suffers from a lack of confidence and does weird things to seek attention...

To be honest i find that abit confusing, if someone has low confidence and no self esteem..why would they draw attention to themselves? any ideas?

the latest idiotic crappy thing she did, was to beg someone for a baby grape and then proceed to stick it up her 'nostril' to make it look like a big bogey...

doh!! sometimes i'm this close *puts fingers an inch apart* to going up to her and screaming SHUT UP!!

oh well, nevermind...

anyway i'll leave it there...

take care

n ciao

Being Washed Away@ 8:53 PM

:.:.Saffron Diaz:.:.
Tuesday, October 25, 2005


to those of you who replied with news in my last post, Jazak so much im glad to know you're all well, but if somebody does hear about kasuerchica please let me know.

Now then, im goin to try and do a long-ish post today...but where to start, i feel i've lost touch with this whole thing.

Anyway, a very very belated ramadhan mubarak to all of you out there, whats been happening? on my end, nothing much... i'm on leave from work for 2 weeks and its excellent, no work = more sleep= happy saf!

Work aint too bad, we've got new members on our team, which is excellent cause it could get dead boring at times, theres some shared feelings that the manager is abit of a waste of space as he sits about 2 bank of desks in front of us, yet emails us to tell us stupid things, instead of speaking... Aasiya suggested we should all email him good morning messages when he comes in just to send him round the bend, but although this is hilarious I'd probably get disciplined or summat...who cares, im leaving end of Jan anyway.

Other than that we've found out the weird temper tantrum I-didn't-get-a-pay-rise lady is on Prozac which probably explains alot of her behaviour, she was barking to herself at the stationary cupboard the other day, but hey she makes good office gossip.

2 of the guys on our team had a blazing argument (it was kinda one sided) but one of the guys whos kinda temperamental told the friendly scottish guy whos almost 60 and sits next to me to F**K off really loudly, why? because he asked if he had a nice week off... the scot told me after that 'children will be children' but he was so pi**ed off that he had a good mind to deck him and push him out the open window... that might have been interesting :p (not)

Oh and someone got sacked for sending 3000 emails a month!

anyway thats about it, from work- dont want to bore you guys, sorry if i already did!

apart from that im looking forward to december because i'll be off to Morocco for a week... that should be good fun, make dua.

anyway all, take care and remember me in you duas.


Being Washed Away@ 11:54 AM

:.:.Saffron Diaz:.:.
Thursday, October 13, 2005


ok, no messing aroung..im gonna get str8 to the point and no apologies for late posts...

Please all those of you I know In Pakistan..Bness, Owl, KasheurChica, Hemlock,Zenia and Karl (many apologies if ive forgotten anyone)...if you or anyone who knows these guys sees this message please get on and let me know youre OK...I pray sincerely that you are...

May Allah swt help everyone, everywhere and give everyone security and safety..ameen ameen ameen.


Being Washed Away@ 9:52 PM

:.:.Saffron Diaz:.:.
Saturday, August 20, 2005

salams all

well, what can i say?

been a funny kind of week, from people who are downright annoying having tantrums over not getting a payrise, to hearing about youngsters who were killed in a car crash.

where shall i begin?

well i'll start with the sad news first, and it is sad, heartbreaking even...

there was this guy who had been dating this girl for 6 years, and they decided to get married, which they did 2 weeks ago...they went for their honeymoon and after returning he decided to drop his new bride off at her parents house, so she could spend some time with them, on his way home he went to overtake someone and lost control on this bend and smashed into a tree and died... :(

just makes me think how his bride must be feeling, to become a widow after only 2 weeks,and to have this happy time taken away from her... May Allah give her sabr InshaAllah.

Apart fromt hat, theres this terribly annoying woman at work, and everyone on our section just can not stand her, in a word she's a pain!!

anyway that day, she kinda shouted "Oh Fuckin brilliant", and then next thing i know she picks up the phone to call (who i assumed was her husband) and she burst into tears crying how she'd missed a payrise, two years running) well we couldnt really see how she thought she'd get a payrise in the firstplace as shes such a royal pain in the arse!!

and she was going on about getting the union involved etc etc...anyway when i went into work the following day, i asked what the latest news was, and found out that she actually DID get the payrise! :o

just goes to show, that a tantrum once in a while, does pay-off...quite literally.


Being Washed Away@ 1:18 PM

:.:.Saffron Diaz:.:.